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PKMN-Zaphary App ~ Zack by Fabi-kun PKMN-Zaphary App ~ Zack by Fabi-kun
Okay, Guess waht?! Another group!!! YAY!!! (really?!)
This time is :iconpkmn-zaphary: group. (Hope is the last one.)

:bulletblue:Name: Zack "Steam"
:bulletblue:Age: 20
:bulletblue:Gender: Male
:bulletblue:Specie: Croconaw
:bulletblue:Nature: Hasty and a little childish
:bulletblue:Summary Characteristic: Hates to lose
:bulletblue:Class: Fighter
:bulletblue:Edition: Regular
:bulletblue:Accessories: Bandage-arms (I really don't know very well what is it.)

:bulletblue:History: It was the joy, the love and the shouts of children in a snowy winter; new toys, plushies, action figures and many many more has just arrived at the shop. It was there when Zack, with other plushies in a shelf, could see a quite number of boys and girls. Such was the joy of Zack, that if he wasn't a plush, he would jump and shout with the childs. Wondering when he was going to a "home".
Three days passed and nobody choose Zack... But wait! Maybe this is the time! A little girl saw Zack. She grab him with both hands, seeing him and touching his fabric. "You want this plush?" ask a lady behing the little girl. "Naaaaa, let's keep searching" said the girl, leaving Zack in the same shelf. "She wasn't my little kid" thought Zack.
Next day: A man. This man saw Zack in a "cheap" looking. He ask to a boy behind him: "look! This one is cheap! and is very soft". "Are you kidding me?!" said the kid, "I want an expensive action figure!! Not a girly plush... Blegh!!" And with no word in the man's mouth, they leave. "Neither He wasn't my little kid" thought again Zack.
Five days passed since the new toys bargain; Zack was bored, tired of waiting and with almost no hope... and.... the moment has arrived. A little boy, maybe 6 years old, grab Zack, looking him for a second and he throws him up with a love out of this world. "I want this one mom" said the kid. "He IS my little kid, my.... family" thought Zack in a emotive moment.

Just they need a couple of minutes and they were in a house, not to big, not to small, but a place Zack can call a "Home". Playing in every way, Mike; the little boy, and Zack were talking, hugging, almost "flying". The favorite game that Mike play is a fighting game, Zack fighting and winning to other plushies and action figures, "You're the boss!!" said Mike, "you're the toughest of all, hahaha!!".Little Mike, for playing with Zaxk so much, he broke his tail. Crying, Mike told his mother if she can fix it. Many minutes later, with a little rivet, Mike was playing once again. Everything was in the place, Zack in a family, in a home with a little boy who loves to play with Zack. He already knows that maybe Mike stops playing with Zack in a couple of years, but he will enjoy till that day; everything was in place, and that was in more than three years......... until the accident happens...
A summer day, Mike and his mother were preparing to go on a trip, Zack, of course, was the first thing Mike packed. In the car on the highway, Mike do a dangerous thing: he take out Zack and pretending he was flying, Mike took the plush out of the window, grabbing him by the arm. In the right time that his mother yell Mike for do that, a strange person who was in a car right next to them snatched Zack in a rapid move, then he turned the car to a highway exit. Mike, hearthbreaked began to cry and cry and cry for the lost friend.

When Zack regain consciousness painfully, he knows that is something wrong: he can move. His arms and legs are now able to move at will. But... there is something else... When Zack regaing vision, he can spot scientists and machinery around him. In a painful and delayed action, he stand up to get a better vision of what's going on. "I can breath now?, how is this possible?!" he thought. In the same instant he fell a very painful zap through his body, he had a wire attached to the back! "HE'S ALREADY ALIVE STUPID!!!" scream a scientists to his partner. The scientist put Zack in a cage for later experiments. Punching and kicking the cage, Zack was trying to escape with no result. "But im the toughest of all, her said it to me and only me." thought Zack in an endless punchink and kicking. After he gets exhausted, he sits down waiting for a chance to escape. After a couple of minutes, a scientist pick up Zack just right in the same instant when many other pokemons manage to escape. Zack takes the chance, he break free from the scientist and he ran upa s fast as he could run with his new legs and movement at will.
He manages to escape with the others, to the freedom in a huge forest. If that escape didn't happen, Zack would lost all the faith and all the hope... "I'll become stronger to be one of the toughest, to save pokemons from those guys and.... t-to make those words to be real." Zack thought.

:bulletblue:Hobbies: Training, fighting with trees, see nature, swim, diving, playing with water and relax in the grass seeing the clouds.
:iconicetypeplz:: Ice Fang
:iconnormaltypeplz:: Slash
:iconwatertypeplz:: Dive (HM)
:iconwatertypeplz:: Water Gun

:bulletblue:Extra Info.:
:bulletgreen:He sometimes acts like a child 'cause of his kid.
:bulletgreen:He likes to train to be the best.
:bulletgreen:He loves sweet food, but he think spicy food makes him stronger.
:bulletgreen:His dream is to fly like a flying pokemon.
:bulletgreen:He secretly likes gardening.
:bulletgreen:Almost everyting that he learn is because his kid.
:bulletgreen:He have an spanish acent.
:bulletgreen:His weakpoint is that he's way to sensitive because of his kid, so he try to be hard and tough.
So this is it. I really don't like sad history, but i think i can live with it.

PS: English is not my native language, so.... i'm sorry for all the errors in the history.

Pokemon, Croconaw Nintendo/Satoshi Taijiri
Group :iconpkmn-zaphary: :iconraccoonamatata::iconhokeypokey08196::iconlindsaypanes:
Application Template :iconraccoonamatata:
Art, Zack :iconfabi-kun:
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Freddirika Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Candii: Nice to have another fighter 'round here.
Fabi-kun Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
Zack: Of course!! Also is nice to be out of that place right?
Freddirika Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Candii: Quite.
leafpool12 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow really coom welcome tiot he group
Fabi-kun Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012
Hehehehe ty!! =)
leafpool12 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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